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14 April 2014 @ 03:18 pm
Hello! I'm selling Acaba Mio's photobook Memorial for 30 USD. I've also got a whole bunch of more stuff on my dreamwidth, like doujinshi (especially prince of tennis), other photobooks and magazines (some with Mio).

Comment here or on dw if you're interested in Mio's photobook, use OpenID for other things.

11 June 2010 @ 10:43 am
I want you all to know that recently, there has been a new comm in LJ dedicated to Tenimyu-- OH YES-- I know that some of you has already heard it and actually joined, like me, but in case the members of acabamio don't know, it's tenimyutopia. 8D; The comm is starting wonderfully and flourishing on the Tenimyu love; much more organized because of the tagging system, a detailed user info and a present/active/giddy mod. :D Yes, that's you, fencer_x. /(*W*)/~

So why not check it out and see for yourselves? ♥

tenimyutopia tenimyutopia tenimyutopia tenimyutopia
tenimyutopia tenimyutopia tenimyutopia tenimyutopia
22 December 2009 @ 10:41 am
Hello and welcome to acabamio. The whole point of this community is to spread the love that is Acaba Mio. ♥ You could post downloads, scans, information and almost anything related to our boy! But please be reminded to read the rules first in the community profile. You are given the freedom to post here, but if I see you breaking the rules and such, I will give you a warning.

When posting entries, please don't forget to tag your posts. A full list could be found on the sidebar. Also, when sharing your uploads, please lock your entries. Communities have been known to be shut down because of this. So please, let's maintain the order and at the same time, have fun! 8D You are also free to say anything in this post. Let's discuss about the comm and shiz.

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